Physical examination of the upper and lower limbs
Objective: Improve skills in examining the strength, sensation and reflexes of the upper and lower limbs. See video demonstration by clicking on the following and then launch video gallery:  jeffline.jefferson.edu/press/mmt/

Objective: Identify the cause of gait abnormalities with the use of video clips of patients with weakness of the hip, knee and ankle.

Five minute back exam
Objective: Develop skills in efficiently identifying contractures at the hip, provocative maneuvers, to localize nerve vs joint pathology and weakness of the lower limb consistent with specific radiculopathies.
Handout: Five minute back exam (6 MB)

Wave Form Analysis
Objective: Describe spontaneous common and less common wave forms seen on needle electromyography including specific rate, rhythm, amplitude and duration characteristics.
Handout: Wave Form Analysis (3 MB)

Ulnar neuropathies
Objective: Identify the clinical and electrodiagnostic characteristics of ulnar nerve entrapments at the wrist, elbow, thoracic outlet and root levels.
Handout: Ulnar Neuropathies

Pitfalls in motor conduction
Objective: Identify factors that affect the amplitude and duration of the motor unit potential and sensory nerve potential that may render the interpretation of both potentials invalid.
Handout: Pitfalls in motor conduction

Mock case presentations
Objective: Develop skills in efficiently identifying a differential diagnosis based on incomplete data and then ask appropriate questions to arrive at the diagnosis and why other items in the differential diagnosis should be eliminated from consideration.

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